About We Usher

WeUsher is a service company that was established in 2016. We provide management services to your events which include choosing the right ushers compatible with the event. We, as a team bring your events together by well-trained, efficient and presentable professionals.


Who We Are

WeUsher is a team of devoted hardworking individuals that are dedicated to cater and help your events according to your needs and specifications. We have many ushers, both male and female from different professional backgrounds that are well-trained into making your event a joyful experience. 

Services We Provide

We cater all types of events by providing ushering services and taking care to the slightest detail. We go an extra mile to ensure your event goes as planned. The services we provide include the following:

Ushers                                                                                                             Archiving                                                           

Surveys                                                                                                           Photography

RSVP                                                                                                               On-site management

Promotion                                                                                                      Welcoming invitees

Temporary staff                                                                                            Giveaways distribution

Ticketing                                                                                                         Brochures distribution

Registration                                                                                                    Seating guests

Secretarial                                                                                                      Assisting guests/clients

Receptionist                                                                                                   Booth/stand representative

Events We Cover

We provide the number of ushers you need depending on the size of your event. WeUsher is ready to enhance your event experience, thanks to our multi-talented and professional staff. We are always ready to help with any of the following events:




Corporate Events

Private tailored events

Weddings and Parties